Are the Ads On Your Website Actually Harming Your Brand?

To keep your website focused solely on your products, services, brand and blog? Or to attempt to monetize the interest and traffic that comes there?

That has been an on-going question with resulting discussions ever since the hosting and creation of websites became accessible and affordable.

I'm not going to insert myself into this argument one way or another. But I am going to add one thing that should be considered.

And that is, have you done a thorough examination of the companies that provide advertising before signing an agreement?  And if you do allow advertising, do you continue to monitor what is being posted on your site to make sure that the quality of the ads is not decreasing?

I shake my head at many of the ads I come across, and I have to wonder whether the website owners are keeping a close eye on things.

Or are they allowing the commissions they receive cloud their judgment?

There is one advertising service that I've seen used by many websites, including respected political and sports news services and blogs, and I find what they post disturbing.

The titles are deceptive, could often be classified as "clickbait," and seem more suited to the tabloids at the supermarket checkouts.

If ads such as the following — and remember, these are actual titles — are appearing on your website, is the money they may bring in worth the risk to your credibility and reputation?

  • 24 Stars Who Are Unbelievably Rude In Person
  • 14x Lotto Winner: Do This Every Time You Buy a Lotto Ticket (Win 1/12 Times)
  • Remember Her?  Try Not To Gasp When You See Her Now
  • No one noticed he/she died (with a picture of a current 30- to 50-year old celebrity)
  • Royal Divorce Rumor Shakes the Palace (with a picture of Prince William and Princess Kate)

And what kind of material do you get when you click on one of these wonderful advertisements?

In the case of the last one on the list, you'll be told that "Kate goes against the Royal Family, and shares her skincare secrets. Now royalty insiders want her gone!  She's giving away free trials only until Friday!"


Just the thing that all of your readers and potential clients in the B2B industry are clamoring to know.

Not everything may be worth the money you receive. So be cautious before signing that agreement to host ads on your site.


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