Do Your LinkedIn Posts Resemble “Tombstone Ads”?

I don't know how many times I've seen posts like these in my LinkedIn feed:

"Leaving today for the XYZ Trade Show in Las Vegas. We'll be in booth 1746."

And you want me to respond and comment with . . . what?

❶ "You lucky dog — wish I were going"?

❷ "Don't blow all your money on the slots and tables (ha, ha)"?

❸ "Remember — what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (ha, ha)"?

❹ "Hope you write up a ton of orders"?

Posts like that just lie there — like the "tombstone ads" in program books. Those are the placements which contain just one thing — a company's logo. There is absolutely nothing to engage the reader nor make that company memorable to anyone.

Instead of stating a bland fact, make your post stand out and draw in the reader.

Did you have to do something different or more difficult to prepare for this particular trade show compared to others? That sounds interesting.

Is a new product or service going to be unveiled at the show? Why not film and post a "teaser trailer" like the movie studios release at Comic-Con?

A little thought, planning and creativity will prevent people from scrolling past your post in their feed.

Like Bonnie Raitt sang, "let's give them something to talk about."


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